Are you looking to expand your market out of your local neighborhood, city, state, or the 48 states? Global Source Logistics can get you rates for Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, or any country in the world, in a matter of minutes! Simply get me the information for the shipment and I’ll do the rest. I can generally get answers back in less than 1 hour!

If you weren’t already aware of it, with your Global Source Logistics account you can get instant quotes into or out of Canada. Where you would normally enter the 5 digit US zip code, just enter the 6 digit Canadian postal code. The rates will show up just as they do for any other shipment you normally quote, but remember, these rates DO NOT include Customs brokerage fees, duties, or taxes (except fuel surcharge, which is always included). You can use your own Customs broker, or have the carrier do it for you. The shipment does need to originate or have a final destination within the US.

Whether you are shipping something outside of the US or bringing it in, Global Source Logistics can help. Call and see how we can help to expand your market.