Whether you are booking a shipment or just comparing prices on our website, make sure you are aware of the accessorial charges that may apply to your shipment and change the rate.

  • Liftgate. Are you able to safely load/unload the freight without one?
  • Residential pickup/delivery. Businesses operated out of a home do not qualify as a business pickup or delivery.
  • Non-commercial. Shipments to/from schools or universities, farms or ranches, military bases, hotels, airports, shopping malls, government sites, golf courses, Container Freight Stations (CFS), etc., may be subject to extra fees, similar to residential charges.
  • Extreme length. Most carriers charge extra for anything over 144 inches in length.
  • Tradeshow. Shipments to/from a tradeshow or convention do cost more.
  • Inside Delivery. Carriers typically drop the freight at the end of the trailer. Anything beyond that could be considered an ‘inside delivery’. The general rule is ‘through the 1st set of doors’.
  • Inside Pickup. If the driver needs to go much beyond the dock doors of a warehouse to get the freight, it could result in a higher rate
  • Sort & Segregate. This generally applies to shipments to a distribution warehouse when it needs to be sorted by SKU, or some other method.
  • Wait time. If an extra amount of time is needed to load/unload. Typically this is 30 minutes for LTL shipments and 2 hours for TL.

Feel free to contact us with any problems, questions or needed information. We are always happy to help out.